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Detox and Regulation Kit

This is a comprehensive suite of six products, each carefully formatted with a specific function or organ system in mind:

Cerebromax - As the brain is the driving force in the elimination of toxins from the body, it must be supported and its function optimized in order to ensure effective detox.  This formula supports the brain with homeopathic ingredients carefully chosen for this purpose.

Spinalmax - The spine is the information pathway of the body, and must be functioning optimally in order for the brain to exercise control over the elimination of toxins.  This formula supports the spine and optimizes the signal pathways of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Matrix Support - Ultimately detoxification takes place in the interstitial matrix - the space between the cells.  The matrix transfers toxins from cells to the bloodstream, where they can be eliminated through the renal system.  This formula promotes balance in the "forming" and "unforming" cycle of the matrix and to optimize its function.

Detox I - this formula contains homeopathic ingredients chosen to cleanse and support the liver/hepatic system and the gastrointestinal system.

Detox II - The kidneys are the primary means of purifying the blood, removing toxins which are then eliminated through the urinary system.  It has been formulated to support and optimize kidney function and the renal and urinary systems.

Detox III - The lymphoid system is a vital part of the body's immune system, and congestion of lymphatic tissue can obstruct the body's natural immune response.  It was developed to cleanse, optimize and support the lymphoid system.

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Why Detox?

Every program should be accompanied by a comprehensive detoxification program.  In addition to being an emergency energy source, the body's non-essential fat reserves serve as a "depository" for toxic substances.  Heavy metals and other toxins are encapsulated in the fat to remove them from circulation.  On this program it is possible to lose up to a pound of fat each day and as that fat is solubilized the toxins that have been deposited in it will be released into the bloodstream.  Unsupported, the body's elimination systems will be unable to keep pace with the increased flow of toxins.

This increase in toxicity will inhibit the immune system and disrupt the body's ability to rebuild skin and internal support systems.  Failure to detox will result in looser skin, longer recvoery, and increased "gauntness".  Even worse, increased toxicity will interfere with an effective and complete reset of the diencephalon, which will impair the long-term success of the program.

The 6 part Detox and Regulation program that we offer is the most comprehensive available, with individual formulas built to support all of the body's elimination systems.  The program also supports detoxification of the interstitial matrix - the space between the cells that serves as the pathway for removal of waste and delivery of nutrients to the cells.  Finally, supportive formulas for brain and spine help to ensure optimal performance of the nervous system, supporting diencephalon reset.
The Detox Kit Protocol - How do I take these?

This should be started one week before beginning your weight loss program and continued throughout your program.

Cerebromax,  Spinalmax and Matrix Support :  Add 30 drops of each to a liter bottle of water to be sipped throughout the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Detox I, II and III:  Add 30 drops of each to a liter bottle of water to be sipped throughout the day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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